Mind over Matter

I was on the subway, sitting, minding my own business, and all of a sudden, I hear a repetitive murmur.

Unwillingly, I turn around to try and figure out where the hell is it coming from and why the fuck is is bothering me. I can listen to people talking but nothing sounds like what  I have just heard.

I turn back around. And the restless murmur becomes a clear voice. And right there, I become aware. 

My body wants to run away, my mind is a mixture of feelings I always try to avoid. I am suddenly paralyzed. And I have this idea that I can’t stop this madness.

I look up and try to find a distraction. Oh, there’s this man playing with his daughter. They seem happy and disconnected from the awful reality around.

My muscles relax and I can finally breathe.

My mind set me free. For the moment.

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