“You realize you like it too much, don’t you?”, she added calmly.

“Yeah, I am a sucker for wordplay. Especially those with nasty intentions behind them. What the fuck can I do?”

They were friends discussing (well, I’ll put it plainly) the pros and cons of having a dirty mind.

“I’m not saying you can’t do it. I’m just trying to explain how it can work against you.”, she clarified.

“Sure, I understand what you mean. But, while some people get turned on by the physical appearance of others… I get excited over intelligent teasing.”

And they went on and on about their conversation, each one with precise points of view. Also, they were lubricating their vocal chords with alcoholic beverages, and consequently, they were getting even more honest by the second. It was all getting very interesting, from an intellectual standpoint.

And then, the group that was scheduled to play, started their show and they got distracted, singing along and dancing ridiculously.

There, another one of those alcohol-driven debates went to hell.

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