Ride or Die

Her mind was an entire world. No one was really able to pin down her thoughts, her ideals. But they knew her core was true and good.

She wanted to travel the Earth, get away from the familiar and explore other ways to live, get closer to other humans (essentially, become one with the help of others).

Her existence was about connecting (with) other souls. She wasn’t living for herself, she was doing so because others needed it. And she didn’t care.

She was not looking to receive an award for the mere fact of breathing. She wanted others to value every gulp of air they took.

Her motto was always the same. Be kind. Be authentic. Be patient. (She was the most impatient human being on the planet but at least, she tried to fulfill the other two conditions).

She didn’t want other people to be something they are not meant to be… If someone wished to leave her side, they could. She wasn’t a preacher, she never intended to make decisions for others. She just wanted to help. 

Her heart didn’t allow her to leave anyone alone (even if some people did that to her). She chose to stay. Everytime. Every damn time. No one could break her persistent soul.

She was a poet. She had always dreamed of being a singer. But life had not given her a beautiful voice she could show the world, instead, it had gifted her a complex mind. And she was trying to figure out what to do with such an offer.

Her darkest moments gave her the strenght to be a better person. To not care about what anyone could think or about any type of judgement. To stand for what she believed in. To take a stranger’s heart and ride with it without stopping for a damn thing.

She was a free spirit. She just had to figure how to release it upon the universe.

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