Sweet Emotion

“Listen, woman, you drive me insane.”, he said, desperation killing.

“No, you have no fucking idea. You know nothing about insanity, honey!”, she blurted, rage growing.

They stopped arguing for a second and stared at each other. 

“Is this going to be our life? Fighting over stupid shit?”, he vented, clearly disturbed.

“How is it stupid? Did you see the looks you were giving that woman? It was like I wasn’t even here!!!”, she shouted, profoundly irritated. “Fucking men! Same shit, different fucking day.”

“So what? I was looking, yeah. Did I kiss her? Did we fuck? No! What do you want from me?”, he responded angrily.

“Stop with the bullshit! You know what you did!”, she threw mercilessly.

“I don’t know what to do, anymore. I can’t please you. Ever.”, he sighed.

“You can’t. Finally, something we can agree on.”, she spilled.

Next thing you know, he pulls a gun out of his pocket and shoots her right in the right eye.

“What you can’t see, won’t hurt you.”, he finalised, smiling. “As if you don’t look at other men, too. Fuckin’ bitch!”

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