Just two children on a playground, bigger than they had ever seen.

Constant teasing, pranking, going down the slide, challenging the balance on the seesaw.

They knew nothing. Neither one was better than the other. They were essentially the same.

They met often and played frequently. In those fleeting moments, they were happy.

One day, the girl decided she didn’t want to pursue a friendship with the boy. And she started going to the opposite part of the park.

The boy tried to get her to keep the games but she was having none of it. She just nodded and went away.

She was just a child. Life shouldn’t be complicated.

But one afternoon, she took a big tumble, while trying to climb some ropes. She hit her head on the grass-filled soil.

The one thing she remembers from that day was the words pronounced by someone who once said we wished to be her friend: “I hope it hurts, bitch.”

The end.

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