I’m Only Human

You asked me how was it possible for me to be in such pain. I honestly couldn’t get myself to answer. I couldn’t externalize it like that. It was too much…

I always let myself go to the point of breaking down, miserable and body aching with suffering.

But I couldn’t bring myself to let it all out. Not because I can’t trust you. Simply because I don’t know where to begin the story.

Honey, if you knew the layers of negative emotion that surround me with oppressive grasp…

If you only knew what’s crossing my mind, most of the time…

You ask why I choose melancholy, nostalgia. It’s simply because it is the closest I can get to translate what I am experiencing in my brain.

Oh darling, I wish your hands could wash away all this madness and set me free!

I wish I was a whole person however, I’m the furthest I could be from that.

I’m only human. And I break, too. 

I’m just a fucking human.

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