Jessy and Hyatt

Jessy was a quiet woman. Hyatt was a sociable man.

Their basic natures were undoubtedly distinct. And that had been the most noticeable fact to that day.

One night, Hyatt was walking home alone, through the cold streets of Edinburgh. The fog was taking over the shadowy city and the flickering streets lights were becoming faint.

Jessy was pacing just a few meters ahead. Staring at her feet. Her black, lacy dress dangled around her body, sensibly. 

Hyatt halted. He looked at the woman, analysing her movements. He was hypnotized.

Jessy ceased. The observing eyes drove her to take the bizarre ritual to an end. She fixated the handsome man.

Hyatt gazed into her. Absorbing the information. She was a tiny woman, whose clothes defined the body under it with astounding precision. Her hair was dark, her face was slim, her lips were coloured red. Hyatt was mesmerized.

Jessy approached the strange man, fearlessly and touched his arm. Her breath turned irregular and her figure turned tense.

Hyatt didn’t back away. He was curious. He wanted to figure out what was going to happen.

Jessy grabbed his body and started scratching his back, violently. She started grunting, desperately.

Hyatt fed of her energy and got hold of her head. She was restless but he accompanied her every move. His beastly side was rising from the subconscious.

Jessy was out of control. Her animalistic behaviour was impossible to tame. 

At one point, between the grey, stoned walls of the buildings, the foggy air and the warm lights, their bodies merged into one unstable mass. 

As dawn emerged, Hyatt regained consciousness. Jessy had disappeared with the grim night. 

They never saw each other again. Hyatt returned to his busy life. But everytime he walked the city’s streets by himself, he wished Jessy took over his soul, once more.

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