I want to get drunk with you

(On wine and prose)

I want to get high with you

(On drugs and poetry)

I want to be seduced by you

(With your touch and your words)

I want to be kissed by you

(By your soft lips and your rough attitude)

I want to be driven insane by you

(By your thirsty body and your hungry mind)

Kill me, darling. Torture me. 

Ravish me. Idolize me.

Take me down, drag me through the gates of Hell.

Make me feel like I am floating senselessly in Heaven.

I want my body to scream your name, until it pains me to even take a small breath.

I want my soul to whisper good feelings, ones I never thought I could endure.

Tue-moi, chéri. Mais laisse mon âme pure et sensible.

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