Eternal Dusk

The afternoon was all over the sky. The heat of the middle of the day wasn’t as unforgiving. The birds flocked towards their next destination. The blue ceiling over our heads was overwhelmingly beautiful.

But my mind had suddenly lost all ability to focus. All that I knew had been obliterated. All the willingness to acknowledge other realities had been removed from my soul.

The orange and pink tones started to take over. As for me… I became blue. I had absorbed the cold energy from the atmosphere and I barely felt anything. I was staring into nothing. I wished to hold on to nothing. I started to accept that I was meant to have nothing.

The twilight set in. The blue turned into black. I could sense the transformation within. I realized I was hollow. I was fucking devoided.

The sweet colours on the firmament brought me no joy, no pleasure, no desire to whistle to a good song. 

I had lost the wonderful break of dawn. I had missed the most important hours and moments of the day. 

And I stood there. 

Halfway to the rise of night. 

Frozen in time. Frozen in thought. Frozen in feeling.

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