Numbing Cream

“Yeah, just get another round!”, she threw those words in the air, almost like singing her favourite song.

“Are you sure, babe?”, a friendly voice whispered. 

“Fuck yeah, we need this. We are all tired of this mindless existence!”, she shouted, as if to start a riot.

“It’s not mindless, if you don’t give a shit.”, the same calm tone she had previously experienced turned defiant but remained smooth.

“I still want another beer. Nothing is going to change that fact. I need it! I’m sick of this bullshit, man!”, she was starting to get revolted.

“Okay. But calm down, please. You know how your emotions can get twisted.”, said her friend, still assured, easy.

As the other friends arrived with the mugs, she swooped her and started sipping it like juice.

“Oh yeah, the sweet taste of nothingness.”, she let that statement slide through her wet lips.

“You are fucking unbelievable! Are you fucking joking???!!!”, her so far put-together fellow was triggered by her expressions. “Do you realize you are speaking utter nonsense?”

She almost spat her drink in another person’s face with the shock. “What the hell are you saying? Are you out of your fucking mind?”, she shouted. Tension was so heightened, you could feel it over your skin.

“I am so fucking sick of this shit! This fucking mindset of yours is killing me! Don’t you understand I fucking care? And you keep doing this to yourself?”, he pronounced, angrily, but voice never rising its tone.

She sensed a confrontation and she just decided to leave. And announced in a dramatic fashion, as something proper of an alter-ego: “I’m fucking going. I’m also sick of this shit!”

Later that night, she sent him a voice recording. And the last sentence, he remembers was “Just spread some numbing cream all over my body”.

1 thought on “Numbing Cream”

  1. Regardless if this is fact or fiction: friends don’t judge. They let you go along with your decisions, may say a word of caution or two, and are there for you when you fall.

    I love how the expression “numbing cream” can have so many interpretations. You left it pretty much to the reader’s mindset. What is she talking about? Clever. People say pain makes you feel alive, but they don’t know, man…


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