Drunk on Life (And Love and Lust)

Intoxicated, constantly blabbering, paranoid, cold sweat running through my body. This is how I feel when I’m near you.

I wish you would take me as yours but everything would change. It always happens like that.

My hands are shaking. My lips are numb. My tongue is tied. My feet can’t keep up anymore.

You should just drag me through this damned street and lay me on your bed.

My legs are cooling. My stomach turns. My head is spinning. I’m thirsty. 

Throw me under the shower, naked and join me half-clothed.

I feel sick. My mind is all over the place. I am tired. My voice is failing.

Make some coffee and we’ll drink it together.

I throw my arms around you. I smell your hair. I lick your ear. I bite your neck. You let me do anything.

The coffee is sitting in the table, it’s still too hot. There’s some candles randomly burning.

I take over your body, I consume your every thought. We get drunk again, me and you. We forget the time. We become unaware. We no longer fear death. 

The coffee is cold. But we don’t need it anymore. The moment is over. We are sober. 

And we might not get drunk together, ever again…

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