Depeche Mode had it right in their song: “Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm.”

And for me, and in spite of being a person of words, I tend to value actions so much more. 

(I guess opposites attract in every sense of this damned existence.)

I reckon it’s because, whilst acting may be taken in a more serious manner… Words stick in your mind. Only to be played, mercilessly, in your mind. Over and over.

Words matter. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have developed in that sense. We wouldn’t require (need!) to communicate in anyway.

And to me… And regardless of what I may say or think, I still treasure words. It’s the way I express myself best.

It’s a difficult relationship. The one I hold with words. But it will never be one of hate. It’s love, desperation, thirst, insanity, trust, passion and truth.

(But what if words do more harm than good?)

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