Video Games

That delightful voice gave my spirit a sense of tranquility. But at the same time, and mainly because of the words pronounced, I became unsettled. I kept longing, aching for something I could never achieve.

A sense of freedom through love.

(And with this I don’t mean to imply that it is impossible to get. I simply mean to say, that to me, as a human being, it seems like a fairly complicated task.)

I have worked for so long towards that goal. Only to realize, that I can obtain that by myself. And it is everything I need.

I refuse to give in to any games. I refuse to be treated like I don’t deserve anything. I refuse to be denied my freedom.

I can have my freedom through love.

I can if I love myself.

I can if I love my family.

I can if I love my friends.

I must admit part of me is still skeptical about this new approach on life and especially, love.

But I can’t play videogames for the rest of my time. I have to get out into the world and explore. And love. Love fully. Love truly. Love limitlessly.

(Because now… It’s not all for you.)

It’s me, it’s me, it’s all for me. Everything I do…

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