You and I

Maybe I was a mistake. Maybe you were one, too.

I never intended for things to go as far as they did. But I am afraid my heart has no ruler. And I am completely comfortable with that fact.

But I will not suffer anymore. I will not stand for being stepped on, merely because I feel.

I have my flaws. You have your own. And I was accepting of both. 

(But I suppose you were not… And I will find a way to accept that, as well.)

What I will not stand for is dishonesty. Because I never lied. Not to you. And I thought (perhaps in my naïveté) that you would not, either.

I will not be in pain, anymore. Not for you. Because you never accepted to suffer for me. Why should I?

I will not be a fool for you. Not anymore.

What you made me feel is something I will never forget. The good. The bad. The ugly.

(And if I may be fully honest, I would have loved you through all those stages… Because I did.)

But I won’t anymore.

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