November Rain

I knew this day was gonna come. I knew it was meant to be. I just hoped it would be easier…

I was left out on the street under the chilling rain, again. I was left to freeze to my bones and it was an unavoidable fate.

I wish I could cry about it. But I am unable to release my emotions. They are stuck and they are reluctant to see what’s outside. And I fear that, now, they will get buried deeper inside. To a point of no return.

The rain keeps falling around me and its drops hit my skin like bullets and my flesh is eaten alive by the cold water. But I have no cares. I am numb. I am but this body.

I feel disconnected from the world more than ever before. And that frightens me. But at the same time, I have no cares. I gave all I had to give and so much more…

(God make the tears come out of my eyes, please.)

I feel so numb. I feel so insanely numb.

(God, help me feel something again, please.)

I am broken.

The November rain is unbearable. But I can’t seem to have the willingness to go and get a shelter. Because I have no cares. I will stay here. And contemplate the no one to come. And the nothing to exist.

I had hoped so much but I knew this was gonna happen… I knew and still…

(God, I want this pain to cease, please.)

I hoped it would be different. I hoped it would be easier…

But I am still under the relentless November rain.

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