Into My Arms

I welcomed you into my life, so innocently.

I was warm and invited you to my world in a split second.

I showed you my true colours (truest as they could be).

I delivered my deepest desires and darkest thoughts to you.

I fell down in front of your very eyes.

I felt life and reason leaving my body at your sight.

I was secure and safe with you by my side.

I argued passionately with you because I felt all too much to be able to spell everything out.

I stank of frustration and despair everytime you would go away.

I thought of you, at night and dreamt of you during the day.

I wished our bodies would collide to be just one, forever.

I went insane with love, passion, desire, lust so indelible.

I craved your lips so wet, and mine dried with thirst.

I sang your song so loud, the neighbours threatened to kill me.

I wanted to be in your arms more than everything I just mentioned. Because your scent is irresistible to me. Because your heartbeat matches mine to the half of a second. Because your hands are so willing to be mine. Because I am so willing to be yours.

Tell me now, how crazy am I?

Tell me now, how I don’t trust you?

Tell me now, how I am not speaking the truth?

Tell me now, that I am mad. That I am completely delusional.

Tell me. Because you know who I am.

But I know who you are, too.

And you want to be welcomed into my arms.

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