Insane Love

We are just looking forward to destroying each other, waiting for the moment one gives in again and the wrecking begins.

But how broken can we get, when we are in pieces already?

I look at you and see a soul lost in this brutal world where faces prefer masks and minds are hidden behind layers of lies, hurt and schemes.

And I am here, and I am not strong. And sometimes, I just want to give in to being ravaged, completely obliterated from this fucking world,

We are loving each other to the point of exhaustion and no words or actions are ever enough. And if we are not loving, we are looking to hate, because loathing one is just as good as loving. And the madness ensues.

Tell me you are not as insane as me.

Tell me you are secure of yourself.

Tell me you are not as wild as me.

Tell me you know what you want.

I know you will not say absolutely fucking nothing. But I know what’s on your mind. And it’s not her.

Come to my house, rip the clothes off my body, let my body set fire along with yours. I don’t care anymore. And maybe I never did.

Break my back, take my heart out, leave my lungs in to take another breath of your perfume.

Kill me with your complete lack of sense, shoot me with your pain. It will not hurt me.

Let’s just give in. Like we have always wanted to do.

Let’s just jump into the void of our very existence, because we know control is just a stupid fucking game and our brains are tired of playing it.

Don’t dare to say no. Or you will die forever.

Just come and get intoxicated with me and get high on life and all things we are passionate about and sip on our dark fantasies and dreams.


Come over.

And we can be insane forever. As we should.

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