Stairway to Hell

If you realized how passionate we would be about each other, if we gave in to our feelings…

If you understood how much I am willing to be your everything…

If you grasped the idea of leaving the comfort behind and caught this crazy train…

Because it’s not only lust that fuels it, it’s pure love, madness, deep affection that warms my cold bones and sets my heart at a beat I can barely rate.

It’s not just me on the bottom of the stairs. I know you are waiting there. And unfortunately for us, life is dragging us away from it. But I want to climb the first step and I want to do it with you.

If only you embraced the adventure that is falling into my arms…

If only you were completely willing to go to Hell and burn with me…

But this starway is long and winding and maybe you are done with climbing for this life.

But I am not. And I would carry you with me, if you wanted to make me company.

Do you agree with all of this?

Would you come with me?

Would you?

Let me know.

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