Stranger Love

They were each other’s triggers.

They were weirdos and passionate about their individual lives and loves.

Their bodies told what their mouths dared not to.

Their faces mirrored each other in a dance that seemed endless.

They wanted to believe things would get better.

They wanted to be back to those days where they stood up for each other and didn’t pick on each other flaws.

They were trying to kill each other because the pain of being away from one another was too unbearable.

They looked at one another like it was the first time everyday.

They longed for a touch that was so far from reach.

They suffered from missing that specific timbre of reassuring nature.

They dug the memories of moments passes together as their hands were rough enough.

They bleed for attention that was uncertain.

They were broken. Broken for needing so much, broken for lacking so much more.

They were alone.

They didn’t want everything.

They just wanted each other.

They just wanted… Each other.

Madly. Unapologetically. Badly. Entirely.

They had so much to hold back. But holding back only feeds the fever of having a desire so relentless.

They had so much to lose. But losing was not difficult if it meant keeping the other.

They had so much to live. But living was a cruel fate. As they were being dragged away from each other.

They screamed (not outwardly) but inside, they were a second away from losing their voice.

It was a strange love.

It was mental.

But in their hearts, they were children. Running after each other. Hiding and seeking. Flying in the swings.

They were friends. Friends that loved each other to the bone. And each day, the skin wore away from their bodies, slowly but surely.

They would be dead soon. But love was just around the corner.

And one day… They fell asleep together. And in love they remained forever. Bone and soul.

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