What was Lost in the Fire

Don’t tell me you don’t miss me, because I know you do.

Don’t tell me you have moved on, because I know you haven’t.

Don’t stand there and lie to my face and try to pretend everything is fine… Because it is most definitely not.

This is all fucked-up. Real fucked-up shit.

Am I supposed to overlook everything that has happened over these past months?

Am I supposed to forget you were there for me when I had a panic attack and felt like nothing made sense anymore?

Am I supposed to smile and pretend I didn’t enjoy the flirting and the joking around?

Am I supposed to let go of all the feelings I had and I know you have felt towards me, as well?

Am I supposed to just think you want to lead that life you are currently on and you aren’t craving more?

I might not have everything figured out. But neither do you. And don’t pretend you have more to offer me than I have to give to you. It’s fake.

We are all the same here. Accept it!

I don’t believe everything has died because there’s still love.

You may be hurt and I understand. But you have to learn to forgive. As I have forgave you, too.

If you need time, okay. I can give you that. Otherwise, tell me what the fuck you want or what you don’t want.

I’m tired of trying to figure out everything alone. And there might come a day where you have finally realized what I was putting on the table and I’m not going to be willing to do it anymore.

I am only human, damn it! And I love you (Damn me!)

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