Oh Love

I wanna put on a little show for you.

I wanna get dressed up and watch you gaze as I undress slowly.

I wanna torture your mind with clueless innuendo.

I wanna make you crawl and beg for my attention.

You thought you had me figured out… Oh, so little you know.

I am a creep.

I am a pervert.

I am as manipulative as you.

Come, baby, and watch my little routine.

Come, baby, and I might give you a taste.

Come, baby…

Bring your fair maiden and we can corrupt her together.

I will tear her white dress in two and you will rip her body apart.

We would make a killing together. And no one would take notice.

We would go away into the night. Not to be heard of.

Until the next slaughter.

Or until the next spectacle.

Whichever game you wanna play.

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