La Route des Princes

Everyone is trying to build their own lives. And I don’t believe in crossing someone’s path to completely leave one ruined. That’s not fair. That’s not the way things should be.

Call me crazy but I believe in respect.

It’s not often we find a person who is ruined to the core but still trying to rebuild.

It’s not often we find a person fighting the poor odds and figuring out a way to stand.

But those people are still people. Like you. Like me.

We are all different. We may all be mad, even. But we all deserve a fucking shot.

Picking up someone when that person is down. Not shooting them dead.

Fending off the creatures that feed on guts and blood of the hurt.

Just look around and think about one other than your damn self.

Can you do that?

The road we are walking on is full of holes and gaps and no one is looking where they need to step on next. But they should.

Whether he chose heaven or eternal damnation, and whether you consider life to meaningless or not… Just take a fucking look.

Consider your actions, your words. Because today you’re shooting daggers and tomorrow you will be lying in a gutter, devoided of purpose.

We are all in our royal route. We have no other shot.

What the fuck are you gonna do?

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