I am trying to focus. Trying to move forward. Trying to give chances to new people.

But my mind wanders tirelessly towards you.

All the damn moments we shared. All the fucking seconds I wished I could have locked you between my arms and suffocate in your perfume. All the words that were shared. All the looks that pulled us close and I wanted to be feeling your skin.

My lips are dry from bitting them when longing and from licking them when missing.

My eyes are still looking for you.

My heart is still waiting for you.

Damn it! I am a fucking fool.

I wish I could go insane and be locked in a room somewhere where no one knew me. And somehow go from there.

But if the madness takes over me, I think my feelings for you will only be heightened.

I feel you so much.

I feel you so fucking much.

My body only gravitates towards yours but it’s never enough.

I am hungry. I am thirsty. I am restless.

Pick me up and push me against the wall of silence around us. Possess my body with your hands, with your lips, with your teeth.

Taste me. Because you might just lose your chance to do so.

Consume me. Because I feel like I am nothing already.

Baby… Lose yourself in me.

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