He said my lips tasted like Coke. And he was addicted to them.

“Give me another sip, please. I won’t drink you all away.”, he begged.

I wanted to give in. I wanted him to drink me up.

“You are my worst temptation. But I don’t wanna toss you in the trash or give you to someone else…”, he confided.

I knew he wasn’t lying. I could tell by the look in his eyes. He was addicted. And to be completely honest, I wanted him to be.

“Come over. I will slide some ice cubes over your mouth and suck the sugar out of your tongue.”, he whispered.

Damn, this man really knows how to get me on my knees. I would do anything for him.

“Baby, you are delicious. But you will kill me, eventually, won’t you?”, he asked.

I would only kill him with my kind face and dark interior. And he would workship me until his last breath. And I wanted him to. And I wanted him too. (Lord knows, I wanted him!)

“Kill me. But do it the way you know best. Because I love it. And I want it bad.”, he proclaimed.

(I ended up killing him. And he smiled at me. As we got consumed in a split second. By each other.)

We were one another’s forever. And for a moment.

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