On The Road – Only Me

Trying to speed beyond any limits and barely able to keep the car going in a straight line.

(This ain’t no paradise, baby.)

Get to the bar and order a beer. Look into the glass and lose myself in the golden liquid.

(Take me outside and shoot me, baby. This ain’t no life, either.)

Walk out and already drunk. Mind confused by the street lights and constant traffic.

(This ain’t no mindful place, baby.)

Pacing on the sidewalk, not a care in the fucking world. Get to a different bar, just one more beer to go.

(Wipe my memories of today, baby. This means absolutely nothing.)

Step out and get some fresh air.

“Where the fuck is the car?”

The car is gone. Someone went and towed it away.

(This ain’t no paradise, baby.)

Turns and enters the same bar.

“One tequila, please.”

(This is a fucked-up place.)

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