And She Said – Nevermore

Never to be told how to act.

Never to be told to pretend.

Never to be told to lie and smile with fake white glow in her teeth.

Never to be held accountable for anyone but herself.

Never to slow down or speed up at other people’s whims.

Never to stand for something she didn’t believe in.

Never to listen to the same bullshit everyday.

Never to believe again the preconceived ideas she had stuck in her head too long.

Never to accept things lightly or change the same way.

Never to be tamed.

She shouted “Nevermore”. In the middle of that concrete jungle.

“Nevermore.”. And the souls of the faithless got restless for a miserable second and returned to their idiotic existences.

But she kept shouting. “Nevermore”.

Hoping to find some soul with a sore throat like her own. Sore from yelling their truth.

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