Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Rewritten

There was a madness in that night. The air was dense, figures would be cut out of it by the few who dared to face the gloomy streets.

The lamp lights flickered, you could almost hear the melody they created.

A man wandered, barely alive. He was tall, hair dark as the sky over him, clothes disheveled. He had survived another painful metamorphosis. He was still rattled. Almost dead.

Dawn was approaching, the minutes were not too generous.

The fog was suffocating for the eyes. The lights were starting to give out.

A woman faced the unsure darkness and white heavy curtain of humid and smokey air. Her dress had squeezed her tiny body all night. It was a wonderful lightly coloured piece.

Her steps were careful but sure. It was not in her nature to be frightened by just anything.

The lost man was sitting on the sidewalk, trembling. And counting to ten but getting lost in the middle. He was breathing so hard that one wondered if he ever did it at all.

The woman stopped a few steps away from him. Curiosity kicked in. And so did adrenaline. Suddenly the dress got tighter over her skin and bones and organs. Her blood ran frantically through her tiny veins.

The man froze. His manic movements were halted. He could listen to the woman’s heart beating in a safe frenzy. He got on his feet in a single jump and walked the remaining steps towards her.

The sun wouldn’t be up but for a few hours and the burning had already set in.

They were admiring each other. With faces straight and hearts ruined.

“Who are you, creature?”, he grunted.

She wasn’t able to speak. She was in awe. He wasn’t an handsome man, but she wondered what that face and body hid underneath.

Her only reflex was to hold his hand.

“Come with me, will ye?”, she whispered, challenging.

That was the last time Mr. Hyde had seen the hours before the sunrise.

Dr. Jekyll ripped the skin off his face and opened up his torso. She then proceeded to remove his vital and devoided organs.

She kissed his cold lips.

His blood stained her blue dress and formed frozen little red petals.

“All for science, my dear.”, she proclaimed proudly.

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