Kill ‘hem with Madness

She was a fucking crazy woman. There was no doubt about it.

She wore her fishnets tight and her mind free.

She drank beer like a man and seduced everyone like no one.

She sat in men’s laps and kissed their loose dates’ lips.

She ate away the sadness and created a magical land of mad creatures.

She smiled at the ones she hated passionately and cried rivers for loved, dear humans she felt were family.

She loved. Oh, man, she loved like a child. She loved like an insane man. She loved like a torn woman.

She wasn’t scared of living. She was terrified of her mind.

She looked at the morning sky like it would not appear again. She admired the twilight like night was not to rule ever more.

She was fucking crazy.

But someone once told her… she was to be drunk on life. And she was. She surely was.

And she had no regrets. No reason to die. No reason to give up. And she was gonna bring that light madness onto other people’s lives.

She was fucking crazy.

But she loved for an entire Universe. She longed for an epic high of drunken passion and emotion.

She inhaled the smoke of other people’s fires and breathed oxygen for the ones missing air.

She was to others. And she was to herself, at last.

She was crazy.

But she fought for the mad happiness she deserved.

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