Death by Denial

The truth is a complex thing. Much more when it involves abandoning what you already have and venture out with the feeling the odds may be against you.

The truth is tough to hold on to, because at first, it hits you like a punch in the gut. And you get disoriented for a moment and trying to get your thoughts in order seems like an impossible task.

But then, you feel like a piece of the puzzle has been retrieved and it has settled in its rightful place. Finding out the reality is not as painful as it seems.

Denying, repressing, hiding. That’s what really rips through you. The claws of pretending slash your skin and blood vessels.

I know because I chose this option way too many times. And it nearly killed my spirit.

I can’t pretend anymore. I can’t lie anymore.

I choose to be honest. About how I feel, about who I am. Because no one else is going to bring it out for me. I have to work for myself.

I keep searching for freedom. And it will only come with facing facts and emotions.

I will keep fighting for freedom.

I refuse to perish on my knees.

I will chase the ultimate truth. And face death standing.

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