Need Me

All the things we have done.

All the things we have said.

Everything that has happened so far.

Nothing was… Random. And I feel the reasons are very simple, actually.

All I can say is all of my day, all of my night has time and space for thoughts of you. It’s a sweet release from an otherwise pathetic life.

Nothing was random, I believe. As much as I long for you, you need me.

You need me and I have no objection to it.

You need me and I am wishing to be there. By your side.

I respect your choices as tough as they seem to me. I only ask you to respect my freedom. But I don’t believe you have ever crossed a line in that sense.

You need me. I need to hear it one more time. In your words.

Our bodies have electricity that belong to each other and no one else.

Our minds have hidden desires we can only reveal one another.

You need me. And I need you.

Just call my name when you’re ready and we can both enjoy the living hell out of this madness.

Call me and say you need me.

Because nothing was random. All the things… rose out of this emotion we can barely grasp, let alone explain.

But call me when you need me.

And then and there, we can forget the rest of the fucked-up shit we have to face.

Then and there, we can look each other in the eye and give in.

Maybe you can even tell me…

You need me.

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