Folie à Deux

Could a lifetime have gone by, and flooded the mind with deeper, better feelings and memories?

At that point, they knew nothing. They fed of each other’s energies. And nothing more.

Their bodies were simple matter. They breathed the air of each other’s lungs.

Their heartbeats rose as the moon from twilight to pure night. They listened to each other’s mad mumblings.

Their thoughts simply translated to reality. They allowed their strength to slip through their fingers on to one another.

Their hunger grew exponentially. They used their mouths to feel the skin of each other.

Their souls had been craving that type of connection for ages. They clung their nails aggressively enough to pierce each other’s flesh.

The insanity was clear. These unquestionable desires owned them.

At that point, they thought they would sublimate their emotions entirely. But they knew nothing.

A look. A word. A subtle hint of perfume. And they were incredibly aroused with excitement.

But those were moments too superfluous for them. They needed more. They longed for so much more.

They wanted to go insane, inhaling each other’s senses, slowly.

They would die wondering if there was anything deeper, better.

(Should there be?)

I guess madness is also a game for two.

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