The human mind is a curious thing. It can harbor great feelings and ideas but it can also be a place of incomparable darkness.

It’s hard not to notice if you have fallen a million times, the cracks, the pieces that once seemed unbreakable. You start to wonder if your thoughts were ever gathered and not completely split into the universe of oblivion.

You can look at yourself and say you know the person you are staring at and in reality, you cut your fingers in the dents you so desperately try to turn smooth.

You can look at yourself and say you don’t want to be who you are and entirely forsake your nature and then and there, you cling to the very situations that threw you on the ground.

You think you are worthless because you’re no longer the distant person you were. Life has managed to pull you in to its arms and crushed your bones. And weirdly enough, it doesn’t hurt as much as giving into to your deeper thoughts.

Holding on has turned you weak and your existence turns on you in every corner.

It’s hard not to want to pick up a flask of poison and have it burn you inside out.

It’s hard to say goodbye yet again and knowing you will have to do it for the rest of your years.

It’s hard to keep loving wholeheartedly and not feel like it will come back and haunt you forever.

Breathing becomes hard most of the time. Can you find a light to help you get the shards of your soul reorganized?

Maybe you should stay broken. Because that’s the only way you get to see every inch of you. Without risking having your entire being exposed.

But how can you know?

Shattered you will remain. For the moment. Even though it hurts.

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