The Classic Story (And other Details)

You knew I cared too much.

You knew I love too much.

And still you were looking to play a game. Appearances were your favourite charade.

What you need to realize is games only work if there is trust. And there was trust on my part.

But it wasn’t enough. (God knows why it wasn’t enough.)

I loved you. I cared. I trusted. And I thought you were different. (My mistake, I suppose.)

I have no problem with learning through tough times. I have no problem running with hard work.

But I wasn’t the one missing the guts. And it took significant time to understand this. (Luckily not too long.)

So I had to move on.

There is a lot you need to get through that brain. But it’s not my place to do so. I can only say my piece.

A free soul like mine is one that is able to love hard, regardless of its aspirations. And I wouldn’t want to be anyone other than me.

It takes time. To love oneself. But mostly so, through all the bad choices and words and loves. And if at the end of the day, you do, then that makes you braver than you are able to recognize.

So despite all the pressure and pain, I choose to love. Myself and whoever I consider to be worthy.

Hopefully, one day, you will also love yourself. Because I saw that feeling in your eyes. Wishing to come out.

I have no regrets about what has passed. It’s all part of me.

But I decide now, it will no longer dictate my emotions. Even if I know there’s a lot to be said and even more so, to be done.

I will care too much.

I will love too much.

Just not about you.

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