Realizations on Love

As you may have come to understand, I have this insatiable curiosity on the subject of love. It’s something that has always fascinated me.

I have always had the feeling I was supposed to love hard, love without inhibitions.

I may have been subconsciously influenced by the relationship my parents have. It’s so clear that they love each other. And not just in a mental type of way. They truly love each other. They still lust after one another. They fight for one another. They have this understanding I am still trying to grasp.

And me… I suppose I am looking to find something similar. (God am I naive!) Or maybe, I am not.

Life is such a tough bitch. Can’t we have something good? Actually, something great to hold on to?

I believe in love. And I also believe it is not to be dissociated from passion, lust, intense feelings of longing.

I believe love is a mad emotion. And only few have the actual strength to carry it in their hearts.

I realize I am still young and this may be a stretch but I do have these expectations for love.

I am a dreamer. And I have nothing to prevent me from saying it. And I dream of love.

Love is not an easy state of mind, emotion, whatever you may want to call it.

Love is hard. Love is complex. Love is intense. It’s something few can handle. It’s never to be taken lightly.

I am still trying to gather the pieces, to figure out what it means and I am barely halfway through.

All my experiences have either ended badly or poorly. I have always ended up feeling like I could have done more, said more, tried harder. And now, I realize it’s not so much like that but I still have no clue what it is and how I should react to it.

Love always leaves me wondering and wanting so much more. It’s addicting.

Can you ever get detached from it to a point you enjoy it properly?

Or are you doomed to live it, breathe it, grab it with hungry hands and feast on it?

Who knows? Should one ever know? I don’t reckon so.

1 thought on “Realizations on Love”

  1. Love is something people build together. It’s turning those emotions of longing, lust, and joy, into devotion. It’s fighting together, for each other.
    People think love destroy’s someone’s individuality. It doesn’t. Unhealthy obsession does.
    People bring out the best in each other. We want to become better for the people we love.
    Love is acceptance, care, and security.
    It’s making an effort to prioritise someone.
    It’s promising to learn about your weaknesses and how to surpass them.
    Besides, what is moving in if not having a permanent sleepover with your best friend?
    Love is top tier friendship and companionship.
    You need to be open and honest, and be willing to share your vulnerability.
    It’s that sharing of vulnerability and headspace that brings people closer together and makes them stronger.
    A lover is a cheerleader and a constructive critic.
    To love, one must let go of fear.


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