We Can Be Heroes

For a long time I was so exhausted of life. My existence seemed pointless, at best. People around me were just spectres that I followed or that went along with me. The very air I inhaled felt like a debt I couldn’t afford to have. I was down. Way down. Somewhere I fear and loathe, equally.

For a long time, the thought of seeing light, a nice night of sleep, a genuine laugh with family and friends and a deep breath seemed unattainable.

Suddenly, everything changed. In a snap of fingers, in the blink of an eye.

I came back from the blackness of my very ambiguous way of seeing and living life and I came back strong. I didn’t expect it, though.

I still feel like I can’t breathe, sometimes.

I still feel fear and loathing deep inside, which I can barely (if even) control.

I still feel like I might break.

But I came back stronger.

(Could I believe it?)

I am here now. And I feel happy. Not melancholic. Not mad. Not sad. Not overwhelmed.

I feel strong. Like the hero I should be.

I am changing and I can finally appreciate what I had to sacrifice.

I can finally say I am proud.

I can finally hold my self as equal to others.

I can be my own hero.

And I will breathe deep while I can.

And be happy.

And be me.

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