Real Horrorshow

I am feeling really horrorshow, lately. Life is funny like that, sometimes.

The hateful desperation once felt, had transformed into ecstatic satisfaction almost overnight.

But the human mind was not designed to support extreme humour shifts even if, most of the times, we find ourselves oscillating in a relentless merry go round.

Nothing lasts forever, it’s what all of them say.

I sometimes wish the horrorshow would replay until eternity but clearly, it’s a delusion beyond my comprehension.

My brain craves more but it keeps either being overfed or being starved. And the interesting part is I have a choice. I could choose equilibrium. But sometimes the hunger is so overwhelming, I can’t help but gorging in the feast of life.

And there are times, where the exhaustion beats the physical limits of your fleshy being and you decide to shutdown and enter this hibernation-like state. Even if for a few hours, it’s an awful extreme.

And then the horrorshow returns, how wonderful! Can you take it? Can you grasp it in your overworked hands? Can you feel it in your clogged heart?

Oh, when you feel it, it’s like a drug kicking in. Like the first time you take a drug and it looks like you might touch the sky and feel the constelations on your fingertips.

Can you feel it?

The horrorshow is here. And it’s a damn scary feeling. So magnificent it might get your brain veins to pop. So luminous it might blind your weak pupils.

Can you take it?

Can you possess it?

Can you consume it?

Your skin and bones tremble at the thought it is back in your life.

The horrorshow is never here to stay but when it comes, it takes a good, thick piece of you.

Can you feel it?

When it all goes up in the air, fall into the excess that you so fear and hope it doesn’t break your miserable body.

The horrorshow shall make a round-trip. As it always does.

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