Speak Up if Ye May

There’s a reason why having a voice (or being unable to speak, for that matter) is not affected by gender, race, creed. And while this may reach a more philosophical topic rather than the usual ramblings, bare with me.

Let’s say for argument’s sake: everyone was able to speak. And they did so a lot.

You would take your hand up to shut them up or would you start a conversation? Try to understand what is the issue at hand, place yourself in other people’s shoes, or not give two fucks about it and shush them?

The first two replies would be my approach. And this being said, I am not sure all the talking wouldn’t overwhelm me. It would. But silencing people or bulldoze their thoughts is not the way to go. Or so I reckon.

I believe in freedom of speech and even though this may be contradicting in more ways than one, I do not believe in hate speech or any prejudicious or discriminatory behaviour, for that matter. I can then proceed to show my point of view or be quiet but not physically, blocking people from saying their piece. We all have the same rights.

Now imagine all people in the world where born mute.

Would you prevent them from releasing their thoughts however they could? Would you attempt to close their minds off of the world, because you can’t stand it or you disagree?

But not all people speak and not all people are mute.

So if you speak…

Speak words of love.

And speak words that allow others to “speak love”.

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