Trying to Create Something Meaningful

These days, with fast consuming everything, it’s only so easy to lose track of what is really important. It’s hard to feel like one can build something with value.

I often hear people say (and hell, even I say it myself) that things created in the past had more impact and significance than the ones created in the present. What we often forget to compare though, is the paradigm.

The times were simpler. And with this, I am not undermining the struggles people faced to get something out of the ground. They had to fight. They failed miserably more than once.

These days however, we are overly-exposed, whether we are talking about social networks or societal pressure. And the amount of information available (Goddamn!), it’s overwhelming to the point it becomes ridiculous. It’s only so easy to become saturated with unnecessary shit and give up on whatever we had initially at hand. It’s only so easy to overthink failure. It’s only so easy to lose focus.

The problem is not that this generation is lazy. The problem is not that this generation is not motivated. The problem is it is only so easy to go up in flames. Fire needs an optimal amount of oxigen and fuel to work. Feed it too much and it will burn up in seconds.

We are in a time where people are struggling to achieve balance. We are on the damn rope but life is not a fucking circus. We need to fulfill ridiculous standards, we need to follow rules in every step of the way if we are looking to succeed. The mere stress of considering failure is fatal.

Meanwhile, we want to build. We want to invent. We want to discover. And all I feel like is happening is we are strapped to a chair being fed some kinda chewed-up bullshit like Alex DeLarge in Clockwork Orange. We are drugged and if we are not, we wish we were. And all of this, while listening to our “favorite” song. But can we be sure we even love music?

(I have a lot of questions and sometimes I feel my brain will explode but I assume this will get better.)

I don’t want to be tied to a damn chair all my life. I don’t want to be presented with fantasies I will never accomplish. I don’t want to be dumbed down.

I want to create. I want to change a life. Or lives (I’m feeling ambitious, alright?). I want to attribute meaning to something.

How will I manage? (I will keep you posted.)

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