Merry Lifemas

Somehow holidays like Christmas have been granted an enormous amount of importance among the entire population. We can see it everywhere. And we all know it is a celebration that emerged from capitalist grounds. Yet, all around the world, everyone stops for a second to honor this tradition.

I know I get excited over Christmas. I’m not sure why entirely but yes, when December arrives and I see the decorations on the streets, and the references to trees and even Santa Claus’ hats, I get this feeling that happiness is around the corner and I am getting closer to it.

I realize things don’t really change if they are not in a good place to begin with but sometimes, just being given a positive environment is enough to spark change in one’s existence.

I also know that these emotions arise from memories of reward (that is, being given presents as a child). And yet, the feelings are still there. They are not reduced or obliterated.

As a young adult, most illusions that I had as a kid, have either disappeared or been crushed and still, I keep my bright eyes, fresh face and childlike mind. And somehow, I don’t want to let go of it completely. Maybe because I keep my sense of awe for most things in life (I get excited every time I travel somewhere new, I get my heart broken, I get lost somewhere I already know). I don’t think I can afford to let go of this.

I guess what I am trying to say is we should celebrate everything in our lives like it was a holiday. At the end of the day, if we forget who we were, we will not be able to open up to what we may be.

Life doesn’t always feel like a celebration, I realize it. But it always has those moments. Where we can look back or even look forward with smashing optimism.

Feel free to give in to festivities. You are allowed to do it. Just don’t forget what is important to you.

Have a Merry Lifemas!

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