A Meaningful Quest

It all starts with simple words

Or being simply one who actually affords

The cost of an seemingly unending search

Maybe no one affords it

Maybe everyone does

But who on this Earth knows it?

Especially these days

In which everything seems so depleted

In which everyone seems so commited

To rely on plain imagery and one fast consuming reality.

Can you understand what you need?

Can you recognize your path?

Which wolf should you feed?

Maybe you’re not asking the right questions

Maybe you are only looking for answers

But who even knows what to do?

Who the hell knows it?

Choose life.

Choose death.

Choose survival.

Choose something.

The wolf howls.

The wild calls.

Are you ready for this journey?

Must you rely on evolution

Or must you cling to what has been given to you of late?

Is there a linear resolution?

Science taught you to be rational

But the human in you wants to dig deeper

A crime must always be passional

And your senses urge you to rip her,


Shall we analyze all of this, once more?

Shall we ignore our inquietude?

Is there a sense to anything?

Is this a reason to brood?

Maybe everyone affords it.

But does anyone choose to?

Or is everyone a fool?

No one ever can rule

The wolf keeps clamoring at the moon

And won’t grow silent any time soon.

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