Simple Existence

Sometimes I meet these rare moments where

I find the kid that I was raised to be

Which the kid I am greets, anytime, anywhere

With a sense of simple pride and gratitude


I remember the moments when I felt crushed

A crisis that is never avoidable

In all moments where we feel rushed

As life is but forgiving

But I am not looking for repentance

I am searching for simple happiness

And the so-necessary peace of mind


I look at the kid I was raised to be

As naively as before, I envy what I had

Making an effort to not forget my life hasn’t been that sad

Holding on to all that is me


I grew up lucky but reserved

I had millions of tiny worlds on my brain

I always received what I had deserved

Never knowing evil is magnified by pain

And yet I still feel fortunate and secure

That for my bliss I can all endure

All challenges and my made-up misery

All fast turns and broken up realities


Because I have rare moments where I spot that kid I grew up to be

The kid I was raised to be

And I remember my parents’ smiles and my siblings’ mischief

And I am reminded of what is me.

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