It seems that Rousseau was right when he stated that all men are free and yet they all live in chains, everywhere. And with this statement, I hope he was referring to women, as well.

Since I don’t want this to take a turn to a sexist debate, I will assume he was referring to all of mankind. I myself prefer to hold a neutral ground but I must admit, in many matters, I might be partial to a woman’s perspective. After all, I identify as one. But that’s not what drove me to write this, today.

My idea is relating to freedom. It has always been a subject of great interest to me. As a human being, I often question how far does my freedom go. How free am I, really? Or even and simply… Am I free?

I have felt imprisoned for most of my life and while I can’t speak for people who have actually experienced physical deprivation of freedom, I can speak for those who have struggled with a mental and psychological sense of freedom. How can you be free, if your mind fails to recognize that reality?

I have been fighting against all prejudice I might have inside to achieve true freedom but I can’t say I have, so far.

I have freed myself from unfulfilling relationships, I have freed myself from assuming I am aware of everything, I have freed myself from the naive idea that I could control everything, I have freed myself from my own loneliness and from many dark thoughts. But how free am I, really?

I honestly have no idea. I wish I could say I’m completely free but tomorrow I won’t be doing all that I want, or thinking about all that I want or seeing or reading all that I want. I am still in chains. Free men we are not.

If I attempt to break these chains, I know new ones will form around my ankles and wrists. And I will feel desperation rising, heating up my body.

We are all in chains, everywhere. I see babies chained. Kids in chains. Teens chained. Adults in chains. And what about those who passed away? Maybe they know freedom. But I don’t want to go find out just yet.

If I must live in chains, am I human enough? Maybe not. But I will be living.

If I am living, I must try and break free. Even if new metal attempts to choke me, detain me. I must look for a way to live unchained… For freedom calls upon my name.

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