I Need a Hero

We all know this story, it’s a tale as old as time…

But there is someone screaming out for the change of these ancient ideas and stories. And I have never realized that one person was me.

These old-ass tropes must be overthrown and I am here to help in the process.

I am a woman. But I don’t need the kind of hero everyone is looking out for. The hero I need is myself.

Some people have started bringing this idea to life. Some have succeeded, others have failed. But the endings are never a way to describe means.

I need a hero. I am gonna become one myself.

While talking to a friend the other day and speaking of heros, I caught myself getting extremely emotional. And the issue was not whether I believe in heros or not, the core issue was whether I was willing to accept I could be one. I had never believed I could be one and here this person was, showing me that I have all the potential to be one.

While the conversation was going, I was not sure of how to feel or respond to such thoughts. I had never considered I had the heart or soul of a hero. I had always seen myself as an understudy, not the main actor. Not a hero or an anti-hero. It felt strange that this person (whom I admire to the moon) was getting a rise out of me, but in a good sense. This person wanted me to realize I can provoke change.

By the end of this moment, I was at a loss of words. I didn’t know where to turn to. But I knew there was something truthful in this exchange. I felt appreciated and I felt the strength I had been gathering for the last days was at an all-time high.

I do need a hero. I think I can be one myself.

I see all these people around making up a life they don’t even know they don’t want. I see all these people attaching all their value to a person or objects or fleeting moments. And for what? I have suffered enough when I made such mistakes. I now have no time for it.

I need a fucking hero. I will be the one assuming that role.

I am not scared of people. I am not scared of society. I am not scared of other’s insecurities being thrown at me. I feel sure. I feel I can handle anything.

These old-ass premises must change.

I am becoming a hero against all odds. Against all ink running against me. Against all words spat at me. Against all bullshit being preached around me.

I choose to become a hero, now. Not because people are counting on me but because now I realize I was meant to be one.

I don’t need a store-bought hero. I am the organically made and raised one.

Fuck all these doubts and downers!

I came to rise up against every single one of them.

Fuck all of them!

I am a fucking hero.

1 thought on “I Need a Hero”

  1. Parabéns por este texto, que serve de grito de luta para todos os que também duvidam deles próprios!!! ❤ Muito bem estruturado, amei o conteúdo e a garra que se nota em ti!! Congratulations!


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