Don’t Fuck with My Freedom

One thing that has always upset me as a person, is when people consider themselves to be above everyone else. No one is above or below. This is not a fucking supermarket shelf. This is life.

We are all here to learn. To share. To give. To fucking breathe.

Life is not a fucking competition. (Ain’t no fucking person alive for that shit.) People need to get a damn check. Life is so much better when we all cooperate.

(Don’t fuck with my freedom.)

(And yes, I just quoted a Miley song. Fuckin’ sue me.)

Life is not a damn competition. We can look out for each other. We can improve together. We can breathe together.

(Don’t fuck with my freedom to breathe.)

Aren’t we all human? Aren’t we all one fucking species? Aren’t we all related? What’s so fucking hard to understand?

I don’t fucking want your life. I don’t want your eyes (with which you see the world), your hands (with which you feel the world), your mind (with which you experience the world).

(Don’t take away my freedom by assuming what I want or fucking need. I know what I require.)

Life is not a competition. This is not the fucking Hunger Games or even Game of Thrones. I ain’t no damn Katniss or fucking Cersei. I am human. And so are you.

Accept your humanity and everything will improve. Accept your humanity and motherfuckin’ breathe. (It’s that simple!)

Life is not a competition. Just don’t fuck with my freedom. That’s mostly what I need.

Life is simple. Freedom is not that hard to obtain but it is also so damn easy to lose. So don’t fuck with my freedom.

Expect me to put up a fight but not against a fellow human. I ain’t about that.

I wanna fight for my life. Not fight over your life. Not fight over your breath.

Breathe. Life is not a competition.

Just breathe.

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