Straight Passion

There are some things I want to improve about myself. I am an ever-growing human being. I am always working on myself. But one of the things I hope I never lose is my passion.

I have always felt like I had a lot inside of me. An immense fire raging, a storm bursting out in fury, an earthquake of such magnitude, that it would shake everything at my feet and other peoples’ feet. There was some kind of dynamic nature working inside of me, one I have never really understood and one I am having a tough time letting out.

I feel passionate about a lot of shit but one of the things that really makes me go all the way is other human beings. Humans are fascinating as hell, especially the complicated ones. The ones who hurt bad, the one who love hard, the ones who live hard. And the ones who die hard.

Passion drives me. Whether it is something I am feeling in a certain moment or it is something I can observe flooding people’s hearts.

Passion is infectuous. Passion is pretty mindblowing.

And fortunately, there’s people who have the unbelievable power of awaking the passionate being you are and it’s almost like you feel a surge of energy, one that never ends, it’s much like the sun hanging over your head and shining on you. And you know that, despite there being cloudy days, the sun will keep shining hard.

Chase something that makes you passion. Passion might be this intense feeling but the truth is, it’s also extremely rare.

Chase your passion.

Don’t be desperate for it or it will be gone. But if it calls for you, chase it.

Live passionately.

Life is so complicated and so full of evil but never forget that you also have love around the corner and oh, passion.

Be the passionate person you are looking for. Allow yourself to be filled by it.

Passion is so lovely. Don’t underestimate it. Don’t confuse it. Don’t miss it.

Allow passion to enter your life and turn it upside down.

Sometimes, we all need a little fire, a little storm, a little shake. And to become completely morphed by it.

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