Blue Velvet

In an upside down world, she wanders

Blue velvet sliding down her legs,

Riding up her stomach and chest

Waiting for the show she always renders


As baby waits, she sings

Strings pulling her up from the ceiling

Glitter pouring down her hair and face

Ain’t it always like this with flings?


Water runs on the floor

Tears dare not fall from her face

Desert storms cross her glare

And she watches, it closes, the door


Alone again

Blue velvet sways above her hips

Grinds her skin to dust

It was just a different man


The strings grab on to her waist

The blue velvet crushes under them

A breath of desperation loosens

Heartbreak is never truly faced


She is turned downside up

Blue velvet slides up her hips, stomach and face

Blue velvet hits the water, runnin’

Ain’t paradise, a dark irony?

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