Shines like Forgiveness

The sun shines upon us as the forgiveness we have been longing for ever since we were born.
We feel guilty for merely existing and we forget we have never asked for it. We forget but never forgive.

The sun shines its light without remorse and we keep wondering where did we go wrong.
We keep feeding mechanisms of deprecation we barely understand. We forget but never forgive.

I could tell you I forgive you for being human but you wouldn’t believe me. Deep down, we are all insecure.
We are insecure about our mortality. We are insecure about our mentality. We are insecure about our humanity. Will we ever be sure of who we are?

The sun started to shine today but we forget and never forgive. How misguided are we?

I have told you I can’t forget and somehow that never seems to get through your mind. I should be able to forget and yet I am not. I never forget and always try to forgive. But my humanity is my biggest shortcoming. I try to forgive but I am not supposed to. I should forget but never forgive.

The sun shines and the street sings but I am left with more questions and almost no answers and I still can’t forget. I try to forget but I still forgive.

I am not supposed to follow this way of existing and yet, here I am. I love wholeheartedly and that also means I should be open to forgiveness. But how about forgetting?

The sun shines and tells me I should forget. It tells me I should close my eyes and let everything go. It tells me that maybe my heart is strong enough to forget and forgive.

I still can’t forget, though. I forgive the world in a heartbeat but my brain doesn’t help me forget.

Is it because today the sun shines? Is it because I am the exception? I have no idea.

For now, I forgive. And never forget.

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