El Pet de la Mort

I was given a kiss and considered it to be a life-saving gift.

I was given a kiss and it felt like justice had finally been awarded to my years of longing.

I was given a kiss and love circulated through my tiniest veins, rushing.

I wasn’t aware I had been fed poison, one that had been spread by that curious tongue and those hungry lips.

Estuve a punto de morir.

And yet, as I was laying, ready to die, I found out the antidote had been also running through my blood. It strengthened me, silently. It killed the venom you had slipped into my body.

Your words and lips tasted as sweet as love. But love they were not.

La muerte era segura.

Regardless, my willingness to live and love deeply saved me. It was more powerful than any fatal toxicant.

And I rose back to where I am right now.

Though I won’t forget what nearly obliterated my heart and soul, I will forgive myself for falling for such superficial loveliness.

Yo sé que el verdadero amor y pasión no son meras ilusiones.

I will now await a kiss from Life and, hopefully, it will bring me all that I believe in.

En primer lugar, quiero amarme plenamente de nuevo.

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