A most dreaded fear often approaches

It sets its small feet on this earth

And still its footsteps are powerful

Quelle bizarrerie!


You hope to fall asleep at night

Wait, behold that rare sight

Of a creature lurking

Presque un alien.


In the morning, you awaken

Bizarre courage strengthens your bones

Even though much has been taken

C’est drôle, n’est-ce pas?


You pray it won’t return

Try and focus on what can be won

But it clings to you, a second skin almost

Ce n’est pas un inconnu dans la rue.


What do you want to do to stop it?

Can you embrace the stranger

Maybe even forget the oppressing danger

Il habite au fond de toi.


Abandon your fears

Silence your hesitations

As not all is worthy of your anticipations

Salue cet étranger.

Il te montrera le chemin.

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