La Dolce Vita

“Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”

I’m pretty sure that would be life’s slogan, if it had any.

(But, oh wait, I’m not a cynic. Right, I forgot.)

My days have been slowly improving and I am trying hard not to lose hope.

(Abandon all hope ye who enter here.)

Maybe having the courage to forsake all the preconceived bullshit I forced myself to swallow all these days, made my life lighter.

Maybe choosing whoever continues to stagger around me, made me recognize a special sort of power I never gave myself a chance to own up to.

Maybe I am just a lucky person and I never realized how much I could actually transform, if I gave myself such a chance.

(Abandon all hope ye who enter here.)

Life is beautifully stupid and awkward and here I was, being a complete fucking idiot.

I don’t think I’ll ever abandon hope but life does shake me up and down and sometimes, I can’t bear it. But I will keep gathering strength. There’s too much wonderfulness ahead.

I keep fearing I will become a cynic and I have spoken too often about this. It scares the shit out of me.

I don’t wanna lose hope.

(Abandon all hope ye who enter here.)

La vita è bella, amore mio. Lascia le preoccupazioni.

Live fully, beautifully and especially, awkwardly.

Find your own dolce vita. But remember it’s not something anyone will understand.

Do not abandon all hope for misery and despair.

Give in to the infinite possibilities for awe and marvel.

Questo non è l’inferno.

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